Jumat, 05 April 2013

Your best emotional life starts here

Many of the emotional tension, shock and challenges of life are beyond our control. We don’t know when it’s going to happen, you don’t want them and I would choose differently if we could.

Then too, many of the emotional rewards of life may seem too few and far between – once again, feeling too far beyond our control.

Yet there are some fundamental aspects of our emotional life that are within our control. And the good news is that deal with those things that are in our control can increase emotional rewards of life, decrease stress and shocks and help us to more easily weather them when they occur.

Each of these various activities can all be summed up under the heading, “take care of emotional ground zero”.

This is part of our emotional life that has to do with our being very-in other words, our existence. To minimize stress and negative in life and increase the positive aspects, we must first focus on strengthening and improving these aspects of our lives, because they contribute to our survival.

And as we do this, we support health and repair of physical systems that keep us alive: our digestive, respiratory, immunological, eliminative and circulatory systems.

Consider, for example, where you are how to respond to each of the following questions. So be informed and aware of what you need to change you may decide to make improvements where you need:

1. not getting enough sleep, and is fairly high-quality deep sleep without interruption, restaurateur?

2. do not feed myself enough nutritious food with high enough quality and variety while minimizing the intake of toxic substances or fake?

3. not getting enough air-breathe deeply enough, adequately ventilate rooms, make every effort to maintain the high quality air?

4. to what extent is my attitude towards me positive, nurturing, support?

5. do not give me enough time, I would like to be a human being instead of a human do?

6. should I build and foster relationships that support my right to exist and to meet my needs and feelings, while constructive steps to free myself from those who are abusive, criticism or even toxic?

Paying attention to improving these aspects of our lives that are within our control, build a solid foundation that can withstand the inevitable storms and earthquakes might otherwise destroy us.

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